Sunday, September 8, 2013

MarchFourth in China: Project Status Update (9/8/13)

STATUS: Well, we've been at this editing on the project for about a month now. Lots of material to go through, lot's of stories to shape up! We've been going through the library of files looking for little vignettes, more interview material and sifting through Jake Wood's beautiful photographs. The other day, we acquired some great music material from MusicLoops. Love that service. So many great compositions on there! We found what we were looking for and a lot more. We're designing the timeline to create a film that runs in the 60 minute range to get it in the "full feature" category for film festivals. RELEASE DATE: It seems the Hollywood Theater, in Portland, is keen to have us premier the film with them. As it stands, we're looking at a December 1st date. More on that as we get closer to the "official release". We'll be sending the film to replicate hard copies for our Kickstarter donors by late October, which will be a limited run made primarily for our financial backers. The longer range plan is to release the film online and make it accessible through the band's website. FILM FESTIVAL: We're targeting SXSW as a primary film festival submission. There are other opportunities to show the film at other festivals, of course. SXSW seems to be a good fit, however. The band hasn't played the festival since March of 2011 and will not likely be back to play, barring some weird twist of fate. We like the scene in Austin, but festival itself didn't seem to yield much for us. We enjoyed ourselves at the festival, but perhaps the film can represent the band this next time around. Thanks for your patience as we get this amazing story ready for your to enjoy. It's looking really good in pieces. Can't wait to start pulling into a longer thread. Cheers!

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