Monday, July 8, 2013

What's happening at the Oregon Country Fair (2013) ?

Here's an activities list for the Fair compiled by OCF Photo Guy, Geoffrey Silver: THURSDAY .**Thor's Day Night** Risk of Change…High Priestesses Thursday Hoarse Chorale Stage Pre-Post Holidaze Party Thursday night party at Traffic camp stage Jerry Joseph Thurs night @ chez rays Robin’s Birthday Party…Ask him for the location FRIDAY **Freya's Day** Risk of Change Events: -Air Ritual -Curly Stripey Clowns (Parade and short Jam after) (Public can do purple and red) -Open Afternoon Jam (Small groups - this is anything you wish) -Purple and Red Sweep and Cocktail Party (ooo! A new tradition!) Banana bunch will be exploding Friday am @ the front gates. with flying monkeys and gorillas. Lime Green Friday meet at Circus Stage Left Opening Ceremony Main Stage Friday 11:00 Steampunky wedding of John McMartin and Kat Barnham in the Labyrinth 11:30 am Fri. Vida girls main stage Friday at 12:00 OCF Critical Stilts in Chela Mela on Friday at 4pm Friday night, Pyrates Cove, 9pm sharp: FIRE SHOW! Friday Fire Dancing in Pirate's Cove Friday night Royal Ball (crown required for entry) at Lion's Den (also in woods behind HCS on south park road) then Royal Promenade thru Fair. chez rays fri evening. Redonkulous... Lost at Last vocalist Jaya Lakshmi @ Front Porch 9 to 11:00 12:00 midnight Meet at the Junction. Illuminated Parade will promenade to Sauna area. El Wire & LED adorned costumes SATURDAY **Satyr's Day** Risk Of Change Events: -Flamingorinas with choreography/theme (We look to Twill for choreography and Jenny to organize all parts and pieces) -Black & White -Ghoul Scout Trolls or Crows- Jam & Sweep -Midnight Parade Saturday Dia de Los Muertes PIN-UP parade, starting Chela Mela 7ish 9:00 to 2:00 am Midnight show Main Stage Meadow Rhys Thomas will host. Saturday at midnight there is a walkup only show in dead lot. Worth the walk. And no flashlights! SUNDAY **Sun's Day** Risk OF Change Events - Twins -Carnival Clowns/Fiesta -Gnomes Jam -Gnomes or Flower Shamans or Crows for Sweep Sunday Am: Mainstage bubble church s banana bunch Marshmallow fight at Fair Central 10:00 to Midnight. Sneak attacks are best. Water balloons are not OK! Sunday Mourning Parade...10 am starting at Left Bank Circus Stage Left....and parading thru Fair....It is New Orleans style --to celebrate those we have lost DAILY Circus Parades Stage Left is a time travel show this year, help us save the future, everyday at noon and four pm! across from chela mela meadow. Magic Dragon & Mud people parades gather in Chela Mela Ohm Circle 10:00 ish Tim Nakayama is always most photogenic with his awesomely outrageous costumes and body paint. You may know this already...but maybe not! 10-30 am to 3-4 pm'ish...Fri-Sun UNKNOWN EVENTS: Please update time, day & location The *special* Olympics out in Far Side. Pirate Party in Crafts Lot. Special Olympics are at cool guy corner But When? Pollinator cocktail party at community village Cocktail party at Camp Sister Purple Toes Running of the pigs. They are meeting at upper refer at 11:30 and usually head past the saunas, around past main stage and out towards the Chela Mela meadow. Silent Rave locations – first night Gypsy Caravan Thursday night second is on Friday night on the Far Side.

Submitting Film to the WTF?

Submitting a copy of the MarchFourth in Germany film to the WTF? folks through Festhome ( Hope they find it interesting enough film to play at their music festival this summer. For more info on WTF?, check out the website here:

Thursday, July 4, 2013

MarchFourth's Cultural Exchange in China: Kickstarter Campaign

Happy March 4th of July! What better way to celebrate the American way of life than checking out our new Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary about our cultural exchange tour to China. Please share the news! And be safe out there today.