Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Richard Cawley Sculptural Design

We've gotten to know Richard over the years as one of the best metal workers in Portland. He's one of those people that lives and breathes metal, leaving us mere mortals to amazement and wonder at his clever re-working of found objects and cast off post consumer waste. Make no mistake: Richard's star is on the rise. Check out the video which showcases his work as a drummer with the MarchFourth Marching Band and a current project for the Leatherman company.

Video here:

More on Richard:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bloom True: Flora Bowley e-course

It's been a long time coming, but it appears that we're set to go on the Flora Bowley painting e-course! Almost a year ago, we randomly ran into Flora at a local music spot on Mississippi Ave. Watching her explode as an artist, we were eager to explore ideas on how DM could be of service to her career development. A conversation ensued around the idea of an electronically-delivered, web demonstration course on her painting techniques. Bing! After confirming an interest to help, we then proceeded over to the show at the venue next door. (DM had been contracted by belly dancer Zoe Jakes to film the medicine show that night. Very coincidentally, it seems Zoe has within the last day or two just come out with her own e-course on belly dancing - cue the Twilight Zone music!)

Sometime in the spring I get a call from Flora. She needs help in the video production department to get the e-course project underway. Bing! A quick conversation and email exchange around timing feasibility and we were on our way. With extensive help from Beth Nicholls (Do What You Love For Life), we filmed all the Bloom True e-course content segments over three days in late September. DM has been finishing up the final edits and we're about to go live with the e-course in February. We're a little sad that the project is coming to a close, but a new project phase is upon us as the world gets assigned a window seat and a chance to get a little closer to this rising star.

Check the course offering by going to Flora's website: