Monday, January 30, 2012

Threshold: Enter the Dragon Crew

We passed through another Threshold Saturday night and by all accounts it was a smashing success. To all 150 leads, crew and volunteers who worked on the production, a big thank you! It's very easy to understand why people want to attend when you've got talented and inspiring people like yourselves involved. That was one of - if not the best - execution I've witnessed from our now seasoned team. I couldn't be more proud of our accomplishments. Bitchin' party...

Here are some impressions from my experience I'd like to share:

1). Environment - Nara you are a star. Keep up the good work and you'll go far. The space looked - and more importantly - FELT warm and cozy. Not an easy thing to do in a warehouse... Let's keep at it, Ok?
2). Stage - off the chain... Pedro, thanks for setting it up with such ferocity. Sija, thanks for the inspiration and Drew for keeping that gong tight... Love the dragons, Arun!
3). Lights - damn, is about all I can say. Chris Fish rocks. Thanks also to Jean Margaret and Lila who make his life easier.
4) Mural - There's no doubt that Dan and Gabe are on to something. I absolutely loved the mapped dragon mural and so did everyone else in the room. "Sick" and "badass" were two of the more popular descriptives.
5). Projections - thank you for pulling it all together, Ben. I'm so glad to have someone in there bringing us the appropriate stuff.
6). Catering - tasty, delicious and critical. Jen Phoenix, an extra special thanks to you for all your talents in food production and hospitality. The first-class green room service was sublime. Great infusions, Sabrina!
7). Music - the music lineup was impressive, no doubt. Sija, you are really getting good at creating the musical alchemy. To all the artists on stage who killed it, huge thanks!
8). Image and Marketing - Piepo gets a gold star and Daflew gets a "threshie" statue for their stunning work on making us look good.
9). Vols and crew - Super impressed with management and execution, Tiff. You make it all seem so easy, which is a testament to your skills. I'd like to individually thank everyone of your people for a job well done. Loved having k8 back in the mix...
10). Video - personal thanks to Kelly Kendiorski who bailed my ass out, pinch hitting to film the show.
11). Box Office - With the women we had sitting at the gate, I never once was worried about what might happen out front. You guys were awesome! Thank you Ms. Keri Chang, Iris Murdock, Brydl Mar, Zig and the others who braved the barrage of people wanting to get inside a little closer to the flames. There's not a lot of glory in your position, but the task of handling our customers is so key. Nice work! I'm so sorry about the crappy heaters... EPIC FAIL!
12). Venue - Maria and the crew at Refuge really took it up a notch for us. I got positive feedback from lots of folks about how much they thought the sound, stage production and service was top notch. I'll be sure to thank the sound guys, the security team and bartenders when I see them.
13). Performers - y'all keep the wheels running out there! I caught a glimpse of Athena - dope! Endi and the belly crew were pretty stunning. I stopped to take in some of that... Dawn and the dragon crew, thanks for working the show and keeping it interactive. The Good Time Girls, always a favorite and loving the new kimono's!
14). Kyer Wiltshire and Aaron Rogosin, I haven't forgotten you my photographer friends... Your work helps keep these important moments alive on into the future. I can't wait to see what you pull together.

and last but certainly not least...

15). Sija - you're the embodiment of grace under pressure. How we've managed to get here I'll never know. Bless you for all the love and light that you bring to our little tribe and to the magical world in which we play.

For all our new and returning guests, we say thanks! Sorry about the long line at the bathrooms... Times are tough all over, so we understand you are discerning about how you spend your hard earned money. This wasn't our first rodeo and it probably won't be our last. If you like what you experienced, tell your friends about us. It's true what they say: we do like to party amongst ourselves. However, we also really love bringing it to the people and sharing on a grand scale from time to time. Threshold is one of those special times... We're glad you chose to spend the evening with us. I'd say that was a wise choice.

So, together let us enter the dragon.