Saturday, July 24, 2010

PDX Bridge Festival - Fabric and Lighting Installation (2010)

Watch the PDX Bridge Festival production team stop center lane traffic on Multnomah County's 100-year old Hawthorne Bridge to install tension fabric and motion triggered lighting in preparation for the 'Hit the Lights' event tonight (Saturday July 24th) at 9:30pm. Best full pan viewing for the show is likely to be on the Morrison, one bridge to the north. Come and bear witness to a 'first' in our city's history.

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Kinetic Sculpture Concept: Tucker Teutsch 3.0

Installation Team:
Guildworks - Mar Ricketts, Architect of the Air

SmarthTech AV - Chris Herring, Jean Margaret Thomas, Lila Stanphil

Heavy Equipment - Star Rentals

Camera and editing by Kevin Balmer
Video production Diggable Monkey Pictures

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dan Cohen Alchemy (2010)

June 24, 2010 - Meet Dan Cohen, one of the country's most prominent large-scale mural painter and fine art sculptor. Scenes and interviews from recent projects, including the recently completed mural of a wetland landscape mural on Wilhelm's Memorial Funeral Home in SE Portland.

From the Regional Arts & Culture Council website:

The Portland Memorial Mausoleum Mural was created as an expansion of the existing Great Blue Heron Mural on the lower west facing wall of the Mausoleum, also applied by ArtFX. The expanded mural covers eight surfaces totaling approximately 43,485 square feet, and is estimated to be the largest mural in the United States. Seen clearly from the OMSI Springwater Trail and I-5, the mural highlights the importance of the 160-acre Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge to the city of Portland’s quality of life, the contribution of the wetland system as a critical element of the city’s green infrastructure, and its contribution to maintaining biodiversity in the city and metropolitan area.

More info on Dan, visit:

Shot with Canon XHA1s
Camera and Editing by Kevin Balmer
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