Saturday, December 31, 2016


Two coots and a dedicated team of climate activists in Portland, Oregon, are converting a second old school bus for use as a warm, dry shelter for the Medics and Healers at Standing Rock. We've done this once before, putting Bunk Bus #1 (above, with coots) in service at Oceti Sakowin on November 24. Please use the links below to learn about that effort.
This time, we've had the great benefit of the hospitality, expertise, labor and tools of the good people at Manifestations, a maker space in Southeast Portland. Thank you, Manifestations!
Bus #2 is more heavily insulated than Bus #1 and will have fans to circulate warmed air throughout the interior. The electrical system will be simpler, but still set up to plug into solar panel and/or wind turbine sources.
The bus is scheduled for completion by January 6. Depending on the weather enroute, it could be in use on site by January 10.
We believe the fight at Standing Rock is everyone's fight. The weather there is extreme and life-threatening. The need for shelter is urgent . Please help us make this happen.
The Indigenous people who are holding space to protect the water deserve all the support we can come up with. Please donate to this cause.
November 7 Willamette Week article showing Indigenous artwork going on Bus #1
November 10 KGW Channel 8 News video about the build-out of Bus #1
November 21 Oregonian/Oregon Live article about Bus #1 arriving in Bozeman, enroute to Standing Rock.
Bunk Bus #2:
Purchase (actual) 3,200
Registration & Insurance 850
Mechanical Repairs 2,400
Partitions, Insulation and Panelling 4,500
Storage and Shelving 400
Heat System 1,800
Electrical System & Generator 3,000
Window Shutters 750
Interior Paint 200
Exterior Graphics and Paint 900
Outhouse Tents (two of each)
Platforms 280
Tents 1400
Heaters & Tanks 700
Lighting 240
Benches & Coat Racks 160
Delivery 2,600
Contingency 3,500
TOTAL 26,880
Cash-On-Hand 13,500
from first fund-raising campaign GoFundMe Goal 13,380
Please share this with friends.
Thank you for your support.
Help spread the word!

Please donate here:

Video by Kevin Balmer
Diggable Monkey Productions

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Standing Rock Bunk Bus 1.0

With the help of Portland community members, Mike Horner and Harlan Shober convert a school bus into a medical treatment facility for the Water Protectors of Standing Rock. A 2nd Bunk Bus is currently under construction and they could use a little help. Click the link to the Go Fund Me site below, if you want to contribute much needed dollars.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

HILARY COSTELLO - Artist. Visual Scientist. Physician.

Botanical Medicines, Book illustrations, Educational Watercolors, Hire for Commissions & more.

Monday, September 12, 2016



Matthew has not only developed a reputation as a skilled architect and draftsman, but as a well-respected community-builder through his collaborative approach to these art-based construction projects. His creative design work and large-scale artworks have been featured at summer festivals such as Burning Man and the Oregon Country Fair.http://

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Diggable Monkey Podcast: Flora Bowley

It was fun to circle back with Flora Bowley and get all caught up. Tune and get the skinny on what's she's been working on!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

RESTORING SOVEREIGN: Diggable Monkey and the Oregon Historical Society

The Restoring Sovereign film project aims to contextualize the relevance of the 93-year old building's renovation through stories shared by individuals closest to the work. These include the building's new and prior owners, architects, builders, managers, tenants and craftsmen, each of whom bring perspective and experience to the restoration project. In bringing these varied stories together in a legible and engaging way, we form the foundation of the documentary's narrative. Of particular interest to the Sovereign's renovation story are the building's Richard Hass murals. These paintings visually depict scenes of Oregon history using the trompe l'oeil painting technique, translated from French as, “tricks the eye”. Originally dedicated in 1989, these massive paintings will be faithfully restored over several months as the building remodel moves toward completion.

Friday, May 13, 2016


Matt Voth is no stranger to Portland music. His last 18 years since moving here have been a bit of a blur as a busy bass guitar player with the likes of Trash Can Joe, Robin Jackson, High Drive Revival, Buddy Evans, Lewi Longmire and Little Sue. Always the great story-teller, Matty knows how to describe the meandering experience from a specific place in time.


Saturday, May 7, 2016

The High Drive Revival

HDR plays tonight at the O'Neill Pub on Glisan @ 9:30PM. No cover. Your people will all be there! ‪#‎hdr‬

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Where the Drumming Began - Brent Baguio

For some, 1984 is just the name of an Orwell book or a great Van Halen record. For me, it's the year I learned how to play Survivor's 'Eye of the Tiger' on the drums! Indeed, it's not everyday you get to surf the space/time continuum and experience the time machine. On a recent trip back the Philippines, I got the chance to revisit Brent School in Baguio City. It was there that the music lessons began... 

Watch the Video: 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I first recall meeting Noah Mickens about 10 years ago at Branx/Rotture. He aided my production team and helped turn Portland's first major steampunk-themed event into a monstrous success. Fast forward to 2016 and he's still pounding the pavement like there's no tomorrow! He works hard, loves his work and just can't wait to get another show on stage. Here's our conversation from a couple of weeks ago...  

Friday, April 1, 2016

PODCAST: MELISSA CASBURN on SOAK Burning Man Regional Event

Melissa Casburn is a lead production planner for Portland's regional summer event gathering called SOAK. The 2016 edition is SCIENCE! Take a deep dive into the local NW Burning Man event's evolution and how she and her team aspires to further grow its outreach to our local community. 

Listen to the podcast:

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Diggable Monkey Podcast: Dan Stauffer Talks March Fourth

Join us this week for a chat with Dan Stauffer, tour manager and musician with Portland's big band spectacular, March Fourth. Dan discusses the band's cross country adventures, new record project and what to expect from the band in the coming year.

Listen below: 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Diggable Monkey Podcast: Dan Cohen's Paintings Are Massive

Dan Cohen is one of the few pro commercial large-scale mural painters in the nation. He is a Lead Painter at the Portland-based company Art FX Murals, which has him working full-time in NYC and LA on massive hand painted Hollywood film and other corporate product advertisements. 
More on Dan's work here:

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Diggable Monkey Podcast: PDX Winter Light Festival

Announcing the inaugural Diggable Monkey Podcast! Here's a fun little recording Chris Fish Herring and I made a couple of months back in anticipation of next weekends Portland Winter Light Festival. Listen in as we discuss pre-New York Times Portland and how Chris' creative career in lighting tech evolved. ‪#‎pdxwlf‬ ‪#‎diggablemonkey‬
To listen, click the link below: 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Diggable Oregon Roots: Mountain View Cemetery

What a journey it's been to discover tangible links to Oregon's pioneer history! Follow along with Oregon City-born Dick Drumm, as he describes pieces and places of the family story in "relative" detail.

Watch the clip here:

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Possibilitarian Podcast: Conversations About Bravery, Tenderness and Achievement

Diggable Monkey has been working with Kelly Rae Roberts and Nichole Poinski to record and develop a body of podcast work currently being published as The Possibilitarian Podcast on iTunes. Kelly says, "My goal is to spark a free-flowing dialogue about the topics that are meaningful to all of us.

Click here and listen to the first series of recordings on iTunes: 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Philippines: Enchanted River and Hagonoy Island in Surigao del Sur

On my first visit back to The Philippines in just over 30 years, it was critical to visit a couple of important geologic hot spots while visiting Surigao del Sur. These area's near Bislig, were once in the shadow of an economic powerhouse known as PICOP, SE Asia's largest pulp and paper/forestry industry operation. As a child, we'd visit both the now popular cave, in Hinatuan and took trips by banca to Hagonoy Island, which is now privately owned/managed (not generally open to the public). We are very thankful to our hosts and to the people of Bislig/Mangagoy, who opened their homes and hearts to us on our short 3-day stay. Special thanks to my JMS classmates Jun Osano, Dennis Formarejo and his lovely wife, Cresty for their hospitality while there. Gratitude also to Dely Marcojos, who hosted us at her hotel, PCI and Willie Fuentes, who helped us get back the kabaw horns that were confiscated by airport security in Butuan. We feel incredibly fortunate and humbled to be able to come back and visit the good people of Bislig and relish the wonder of your most incredible natural tropical landscapes. We shall return!

Shot entirely with a GoPro 4 Silver
Camera: Lana Wirges and Kevin Balmer 
Video produced by Diggable Monkey

More on Enchanted River Cave from Wikipedia: 

The first exploration to the underground cave of the Hinatuan Enchanted River was made by Alex Santos in 1999. The major exploration to the underground cave system started eleven years later when a group of three cave divers led by Dr. Alfonso Amores with team members Bernil Gastardo and Emgee Guillermo entered the cave in February 2010. The major exploration led to the discovery of a hidden underground cave opening at 30 meters depth. Succeeding expeditions have been made that led to the discovery of the underwater cave's chamber. During its sixth expedition on June 17, 2014, Dr. Amores perished after failing to exit the narrow entrance to the cave due to a cardiac arrest at 40-meter depth inside the narrow tunnel to the Mayor's Chamber of the underground cave in the Hinatuan Enchanted River. The river's unusual colors and unexplored depths has inspired various local legends. One story tell of fairies that added the colors of sapphire and jade to the river to make its unique shade. Local fisherfolk also report seeing fish in the river that cannot be caught through any means. According to locals, the river was called the Enchanted River because of the engkantos that dwell there. Their legends also say that the river is haunted by supernatural beings which act as its protectors.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Building Movement: The Dance Pavilion Story @ Oregon Country Fair

At long last... When Matthew McCune first mentioned this effort to me a couple of years ago, I knew I wanted to be a part of telling this fantastic story. Thank you to everyone who participated in helping make this little piece a reality. Special thanks to Geoffrey Squier Silver and Sallie Edmunds for reviewing the proposal and giving me a green light. There are so many more stories to share from OCF. I'm so honored to have been a part of this one! If you like what you see, please don't hesitate to "share" it out...

Saturday, August 29, 2015

SORIAH @ the Dave Camp Memorial 07/22/15

Soriah sings by special request of the deceased at the Dave Camp memorial held at RefugePDX, in Portland, Oregon. This one's for you, Dave! 

"Ehecat"l by Soriah with Ashkelon Sain